Temporary Vehicle Importation
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ARTICLE  106. Temporary importation is understood as the entry of merchandises into
the country, which will remain in it for a limited period of time and for a specific purpose,
so long as they are returned abroad in the same condition. The former applies for the
following terms.
SECTION IV. For the term of his or
her migratory status, including
extensions, in the following cases:

a) Vehicles owned by tourists,
visitors, local visitors and
distinguished visitors, students, and
immigrants who are tenants,
whenever said vehicles are their own,
except for tourists and local visitors.
When the vehicles are not their own,
requirements established within the regulations must be met. Such vehicles may be
driven within the national territory by a foreigner – the importers- holding one of the
migratory status referred to in this paragraph by his or her spouse, parents or
descendants, even when the latter are not foreigners, or by a Mexican as long as one of
the persons authorized to drive the vehicle travels with him or her in the car.

Vehicles referred to in this section must meet the requirements pointed out in the

b)  Used household furniture and wears owned by the visitors, distinguished visitors,
students and immigrants, so long as they meet the requirements pointed out in the
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