Acquisition of Documents
The acquisition of long-term immigration documents is carried out through one of the
two processes established for such purposes by the National Immigration Institute,
Entry Permit and Change of immigration characteristic.

Entry permit
Visas & Immigration Documents
Long-term Immigration documents
Non-Immigrants & Immigrants
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of an immigration status and characteristic takes
place when the immigration agent, at the port of
entry, stamps the admission seal on the
immigration form.

  • This applies to any nationality so that the
    foreign national obtains a visa for over
    180 days, which shall enable him/her to
    perform lucrative or non-lucrative
    activities, in the Mexican consulate he/she

  • This applies to regulated nationalities in
    the events where the Consulate denies
    the foreign national the visa requested.

  • The process starts at the National Institute of Immigration office, where all the
    documents required for obtaining the entry permit, are delivered.

  • The response time, whether acceptance, denial or request of additional
    requirements is 30 natural days.

  • In the following cases, the immigration authority shall instruct the consular
    representation by electronic means to carry out an interview with the interested
    foreign national, in order to verify his/her identity and the information provided. If
    acceptable the corresponding visa shall be issued.

  • The foreign national bearer of a visa that enables him/her to obtain an FM3 or
    FM2 shall be filed upon his/her admission into the country with FMM; this
    immigration form only files his/her lawful stay for 30 days as from his/her entry,
    within such term the FMM shall be replaced with the FM2 or FM3 immigration
    form, as the case may be, before the INM Regional Delegation that corresponds
    to his/her address. On the other hand, the foreign national shall find him/herself
    in an irregular situation and shall be subject to the penalties established by the
    General Population Law.

  • The company, institution or individual who has submitted requirements
    accreditation process to obtain an immigration status or characteristic, shall be
    the foreign national’s joint responsible for the amount of penalties incurred, and in
    this case, he/she shall pay for the repatriation expenses.
  • This applies to restricted nationalities in all
    the events.
This process may be initiated at the Interior Service or directly at the Exterior Service, in
order to obtain a foreign national’s authorization to enter Mexico, under the non-
immigrant or immigrant status in any of its characteristics. In any case, the acquisition
Note: As from June 2010, FM3 and FM2 immigration documents shall no longer be
issued by consulates.
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